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"May I say how much your concert was enjoyable last night.  All your efforts of travelling to and fro and playing so expertly were much appreciated.  We are a small community and your help was very generous.  You all looked so smart and cheerful which was so encouraging for us.  The programme was admirable.  Thank you - do come again."
Michael Pritchard


"The locals love it when you play and they're always asking when you're going to come back to play again!"

Phil, landlord at The Stratton Arms

"We've been to all three concerts and you just seem to keep producing high-class performances time and time again."

Jonny's parents!

"I joined because, having taken up the flute again after a 20 year break, my teacher felt it would benefit me to play with other people and recommended this as a group to try.  I was very nervous about going along the first time as, in addition to not being a very confident player, I had never taken any grading exams in the past and I was concerned that this would be a problem. However, I was made completely welcome from the start, despite joining two weeks before a concert.The thing I enjoy the most is the fact that I feel I am being stretched musically whilst having a fun evening with a lot of laughs."


"I joined  BWO  after not playing in a band for a few years. I didn’t have any formal exam levels, but I did have a lot of experience playing in military and community bands. The members were very friendly and welcoming and right away I felt part of a group. The music was a nice mix of styles and levels of challenge. I thoroughly enjoyed going on tour to Germany and would strongly encourage others to get involved. The four years I’ve been associated with this group have been great and I would strongly encourage anyone to get involved if they want a friendly and supportive place to grow in their musicianship - and if they like a laugh!


"You are the nicest band in Brackley... such fun, not only are you a great orchestra but a number of you are truly expert at humming. Thank you for making me feel so welcome."


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